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September 2012 newsletter

Here is the September 2012 newsletter from Zion UCC.
Newsletter for website – September 2012.pdf

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Zion’s food pantry has been extremely busy these past few weeks, and our food is disappearing fast! If any of you can possibly bring some extra food to church this Sunday, or in the next few days, it would be very much appreciated. We hate to have to tell people that we don’t have any food to give them.

Some possible ideas are:

Cans of fruit and jars of applesauce

Cans of vegetables

Cans/jars of spaghetti sauce

Boxes/pkgs. of spaghetti or other pasta

Boxes of tuna helper

Cans of tuna

Cans of soup – vegetable, chicken noodle, tomato

Boxes of saltine crackers

Jars of peanut butter

Jars of jelly

Boxes of cereal

Ramen noodles

Jars of juice
Boxes of pancake mix
Bottles of syrup

If you’d rather donate money and have us buy the groceries, we’d be glad to do that. Just make your check payable to Zion UCC and mark it for the food pantry.

Thank you so much.

Deb Ruble,
Director of Bridging the Gap

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After a spirited discussion, the Fellowship Committee decided to not have the Church Picnic and Worship in the Park this year. As much as we enjoy it every year, the event is losing a little steam. The committee decided to throw their energy into Rally Sunday on September 9.

Rally Sunday will be a wonderful time of worship and fellowship. Plan to be in church and stay for the potluck to follow!

See You in the Pews, Jane

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To all of those interested in volunteering at North Hill School this Fall:

The orientation for the North Hill School project is being held on Thursday, August 30, at 7:45 a.m. at the school. The meeting will consist of individuals from Zion who are interested and about 20 people from North Hill School. If you have any questions, give the church office a call.

I look forward to our meeting with North Hill!


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August 2012 newsletter

Here is the August 2012 newsletter.
Newsletter – August 2012 – for website.pdf

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