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Most. Eventually. I would guess.

Obviously, whichever original religion first observed the 7 day week got at least that part right.

It just works. It’s a great way to chop down the time between full moons, which is a great way to time our reproductive cycle.

And since we evolved ourselves into a situation where our best defense against extinction was to have kids, but we had limited ourselves to 1 or 2 a year, and dragged out the whole childhood process.

You better believe that our elders (we’re talking tens to hundreds of thousands of years ago) had a way of keeping track of this.

Four 7 day periods is pretty easy to master.

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I don’t believe homosexuality should be treated the same as heterosexuality because it is inherently disordered and should not be celebrated.

We should be working on a cure rather than pandering. The only reason I am verging on supporting gay marriage is it reduces pedophilia.

If gay people can get married for tax reasons, so should people like brothers and sisters, friends and single folk. They shouldn’t get tax breaks.

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7 September, 2017 15:10

Best Regards,

Kristina R. Quint
Office Administrator
Zion United Church of Christ
412 North 5th Street, Burlington, IA

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