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Yours, Jane Willan

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Leave him an unsigned letter with the following text: “On the fifth day of the 30th phase, it will all be shutdown.” Leave it on their doorstep with a pair of disposable earplugs. From there, walk passed his house every day at 5:30, giving the illusion of some connection between the time of day in which you pass and the note. If you ever encounter them, be short but not crass. Go out of your way to appear to be a non-threat, never engage them on private property.

Do this everyday until they die from the complications of madness. Because so long as there is no threat, no contact started by you, you can easily skate any charge, and given that all of your interactions are spurred by them approaching you, grounds for a restraining order would be difficult to come by. Destroy their psychology with the mystery of what they expect to come, as the result of an arbitrary statement in a note.

That or do something better with your life.

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