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Guitar solos are most excellent too.

Weird hobbies are the best, though… I would like to focus on one or two, but I can’t decide which ones…

Designing tees is different. My old ones are dreadful, you can see my improvement quickly. They’re just random things that interest me, Red Dwarf, Leverage, and a couple of other random things.

My card stuff’s gone down the pot, but the rest of it’s good. I’ve had some fun at school annoying small children. People my own age aren’t interested, but small children are just engrossed by it…

Some random things are downvoted that just don’t make sense being downvoted, and vice versa…

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Dear friend!

Erussard, a former offshore racer, is helming the ship along with Jérome Delafosse, a naval explorer website

Best regards, Jane Willan

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some new stuff


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Pardon my monkey thumbs, Jane Willan

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I’m plenty nice to people, but I’m not a pushover. You’re the one who called me “self-absorbed” and “ignorant” when all I did was provide sources for my argument. You can’t just say “Oh, you aren’t very nice.” when you get mad that someone decides to reciprocate the respect that was initially given to them. It doesn’t work like that. We’re done here. Have a Happy New Year.

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